Mainland Group provides services to clients across the Lower Mainland. We have operated continuously since 2004, and are now recognized and respected throughout the construction industry for build quality, a commitment to deadlines, careful attention to customer needs, and a major focus on maintaining a clean and safe working environment.


Our number one priority is to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone connected to our business. We ensure all employees have the right tools to safely perform their job and provide tailored training where required. We identify risks and develop innovative ways to mitigate them.


Talented people are the key to our success. We identify talent that is right for our business. We recruit, develop and retain those who can contribute most, both today and in the future. We support our people with the right tools, systems and processes.

Operational Efficiency

We value the importance of long-term corporate stability. We are committed to ensuring our operations do not harm the environment. We do so by continuously challenging the status quo and looking for new ways of doing things.


Operating as a partner, we are committed to stakeholder satisfaction. We work with our clients effectively by developing strong relationships based on mutual trust and respect as well as effective collaboration every step of the way. Because sustainable investment options are important to our clients, we are making sustainability integral to the way we work.


We are committed to being the foremost experts in our niches. By striving to always understand our stakeholders’ needs we improve stakeholder satisfaction. We refuse to let “good enough” be good enough as we continue to provide innovative solutions.