Mainland Group provides services to clients across the Lower Mainland. We have operated continuously since 2004, and are now recognized and respected throughout the construction industry for build quality, a commitment to deadlines, careful attention to customer needs, and a major focus on maintaining a clean and safe working environment.


Mainland Group is driven by its employees. Our senior management team is supported by dedicated project management, estimating, and administrative professionals working closely with experienced field teams. With a solid reputation as an industry-leading employer, Mainland attracts and retains skilled professionals and tradespeople. A perfect balance between reward and challenge, with opportunities to learn & develop, encourages excellence in service. Corporate investment in continuing education and improvement encourages professional development, self-directed learning, and active participation in industry and professional associations.


Mainland is a financially strong contractor with the financial capacity and bonding capacity to handle significant project commitments.


Because we are committed to collaborative, team-based work strategies and open, effective communication, we integrate easily into project delivery teams. We promote cooperation and communication among all team members and outside forces to ensure that we meet customers’ project needs on time and on budget.


Mainland’s robust information technologies facilitate collaboration, accelerate schedules, control costs, and promote accountability. A dedicated in-house team of IT infrastructure, development, and support specialists work hard to ensure that applications reflect the need to deliver accurate, meaningful information at any time.

The integrated suite of software used by our project managers and estimators include, but is not limited to: HeavyBid, Business Centre, Salesforce, SiteDocs, Eclipse, and secure yet accessible databases which offer instant, easy scalability and provide instant, meaningful data.