The Mainland Group has increased its market share through strategic acquisitions.

We are constantly on the lookout for acquisitions that will help our existing divisions grow. We are primarily looking for vertical growth but will give consideration to horizontal growth within our industry.

What are we seeking in a potential acquisition? First and foremost, we look for long-term, sustainable businesses in the construction industry with good growth potential.

Here are a few other criteria we consider favourable for a potential acquisition:

  • A capable management team that is interested in growth
  • A developed market share, either within the industry or a market niche
  • A diversified supplier and customer base
  • A Canadian operations base

Each potential acquisition is thoroughly researched, underwritten and supported by complete analysis with an focus on determining the risk profile of each opportunity. We are not, however, looking to acquire start-ups, nor are we interested in venture capital or angel investment opportunities.

If you own, operate, or work for a business that you believe might be a good candidate for acquisition, please do not hesitate to confidentially contact us at