Our Markets

The Mainland Group has the capability to find solutions to meet the customer’s needs and commit to being on time and in budget on every project. Mainland invites you to call for either an estimate or answer any questions regarding your project.


Road widening and intersection improvements, including excavation, asphalt, concrete, landscaping, property restoration, and electrical works.

72nd Avenue

Dyke widening and raising, including: stripping, drainage upgrades, access road construction/maintenance, property restoration work, grooming, and hydro-seeding.

Nicomekl Dyke

Design and construction of a value-engineered bridge, including: stone columns, MSE walls, steel pipe, piling, precast girders, and cast-in-place parapet walls.

Hyland Creek

Site servicing and roadworks for a 100-unit site, including coordination with BC Hydro, Telus, and Shaw.

Bose Farm

Off-site servicing, on-site servicing, and roadworks for a 120-unit site.

Lakewood Park

Site servicing and roadworks for a 40-lot subdivision and future townhouse sites.


Bulk/detail excavation and shotcrete shoring.


Bulk/detail excavation, structural fill placement, mechanical trenching, and sumps.


Installation of 900m of storm service along 104th Ave to Whalley Ring Road, complete with paved road construction.

City Center Drainage

Installation of 1.2 million metric tons of pre-load material to assist in the construction of the proposed highway.

South Fraser Perimeter Road